About Maktabtak.net

Maktabtak Dot Net is an online website aiming to simplify parents life as Education support delivering to their door the stationery needed at the beginning of each scholar year (School Supply list) as well as exercise/practice books for British/American/French curriculum. this save to parents lot of time and effort in searching, driving long distance and queuing.

Our Services for Schools & Nurseries

Maktabtak Dot Net deliver your Stationary, papers & Art supplies to your premises with very competitive prices.

Our Services for Parents

Maktabtak Dot Net provide different service for parents aiming to simplify their life and supporting their kids education by delivering to the home:

  1. Back to School Supply list online ordering,
  2. Practice Books for students/kids for international curicullum such as Britich, American, French Bac., & International Bac